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Plant Material

Trees are balled and burlaped. For sizes and pricing information call 610-332-3300

Acer Freemanii 'Autumne Blaze' - Autumn Blaze Maple

A cross between a Red and Silver Maple.

Acer Freemanii 'Sienna Glen' - Sienna Glen Maple

A cross between a Red and Silver Maple.

Acer Ginnala Maxim - Flame Amur Maple

A coarsely toothed leaf with a flame-red autumn color.

Acer Palmatum 'Bloodgood' - Bloodgood Japanese Maple

An upright growing Japanese Maple. 

Acer Palmatum 'Empeor' - Emperor Japanese Maple

A cold hardy Japanese Maple. Dark red summer foliage that turns scarlet red in the fall.  Grows 

upright similar to the Bloodgood.

Acer Palmatum 'Sango Kaku' - Coral Bark Japanese Maple

A specimen tree with coral red bark on its young branches. 

Acer Palmatum 'Var. Dissectum'  - Tamukeyama Japanese Maple

A mounding dwarf tree in green and red varieties. 

Acer Platanoides 'Crimson King' - Crimson King Maple

With purple-green summer foliage and similar growth to Common maple trees.

Acer Platanoides 'Crimson Sentry - Crimson Sentry Maple

More compact than the Crimson King but similar leaf color. 

Acer Platanoides 'Globosum' - Globe Maple

Forms a ball shaped head with dense foliage. 

Acer Pseudoplatanus - Regal Petticoat Maple

An olive green leaf on top with a burgundy red color underneath. 

Acer Rubrum 'Armstong' - Armstrong  Red Maple

Narrow growth with light green foliage in the summer.

Acer Rubrum 'October Glory' - October Glory Maple

Scarlet red fall color beginning in October. 

Acer Rubrum 'Red Sunset' - Red Sunset Maple

Bright red fall color in the leaves and red young branches in the winter

Acer Saccharum 'Commemoration' - Commemoration Maple

A fast growing Sugar Maple variety. Very similar to the Green Mountain Sugar Maple.

Acer Saccharum 'Fall Fiesta' - Fall Fiesta Maple

A Sugar Maple variant with heavier, more resiliant leaves. An oval like head shape. 

Acer Saccharum 'Green Mountain' - Green Mountain Sugar Maple

A hardy sugar maple. Reddish orange fall color. 

Acer Tataricum Garann - Hotwings Tatarian Maple

Rounded head growth on mature trees. Seed sack spawns a bright red color.

Acer Truncatum - Pacific Sunset Maple

An array of red, yellow and orange fall color. 

Amelanchier Arborea - Autumn Briliance Serviceberry

A multi stem ornamental. White flowers in the spring and red foliage in the fall. 

Amelanchier 'Grandiflora' - Princess Diana Serviceberry

A multi Stem Ornamental with white spring flowers and wide spreading branches.

Amelanchier 'Laevis' - Allegheny Service Berry

A multi Stem Ornamental with white spring flowers and wide spreading branches.

Betula Nigra - Hertiage River Birch

Scaly beige and white bark. Resilient in less irrigated soil. 

Betula Nigra 'Clump' - Clump River Birch 

Scaly beige and white bark. The clump form spreads wider. Resilient in less irrigated soil. 

betula Pendula Laciniata - Cutleaf Weeping Birch

Pendulous branches that grow to nearly touch the ground. 

Betula Nigra 'Dura' - Dura Heat Birch 

Whiter bark than the River Birch with better heat tolerance.

Carpinus Betulus - European Hornbeam

Dense and compact head with narrow upright growth. Pyramidal form with dark green leaves.

Carpinus Caroliniana 'Iron Wood' - Ironwood American Hornbeam

A naturally adaptive tree with intense fall color.

Cercis Canadensis - Eastern Redbud

Reddish purple buds which flower pink in late spring. Hardier than other Cercis.

Cercis Canadensis "Clump' - Clump Eastern Redbud

Clump version with greater width and slightly shorter height. 

Cercis Canadensis 'Var. Texensis' - Oklahoma Redbud

A darker purple, almost violet spring bloom. 

Cornus Alba 'Samaratin' - Variegated Samaritan Dogwood

Japanese dogwood with white flowers in spring and a variegated white and green leaf.

Cornus Controversa - June Snow Dogwood

Known for its early summer white flowers. A large growing dogwood. 

Cornus Florida 'Pink' - Pink Flowering American Dogwood

Pink flowering American Dogwood. Short and compact. Grows Best in full sun.

Cornus Florida 'Superior White' - Superior White Dogwood

White flowering American Dogwood. Slightly faster and larger growth than its pink counterpart. 

Cornus Rutdan - Celestial Dogwood

Dense upright growth that fans out like a zelkova. White flowers in mid to late spring. 

Beatuiful red fall color. 

Cornus Sericea - Red Twig Dogwood

Multi stem red branched deciduous shrub.

Fagus Sylvatica - Tricolor Beech

A European beech with vibrant pink, white and purple leaves. 

Gingko Bilboa - Gingko 

The oldest known species of tree. Vibrant green leaves that turn yellow in the fall. 

Gleditisia Triancanthos 'Halka' - Halka Honey Locust 

A very symmetrical and round crown. One of the more favored honey Locust varieties. 

Gleditsia Triacanthos 'f. intermis' - Northern Acclaim Honey Locust

Urban and drought tolerant. Yellow fall color with minor leaf cleanup necessary. 

Juniperus Scopulorum - Blue arrow Juniper

An evergreen shrub with narrow and upright growth similar to an arborvitae. 

Junperus Virginiana - Eastern Red Cedar

Smaller evergreen tree with a pyramidal shape. Fruits a light blue berry. Drought tolerant. 

Laburnum Anagyroides 'Columnar' - Columnar Goldenchain

A longer flowering ornamental with yellow, chain like growth. 

Lagerstoemia - Crepe Myrtle

Small deciduous tree with summer pink or red flowers. Multi stemmed. 

Liriodendron Tulipifera - Tulip Tree

Fast growing tree with square like leafs. Produce a yellow-green flower when older. 

Malus Adsringens - Emerald Spire Crab Apple

White-silver flowers with upright growth habit.

Malus Hupehensis 'Prairifire' - Prairifire Crabapple

Dense and round ornamental. Pinkish-red buds open to deep pink-red flowers. 

Malus Jeflite 'Starlite' - Starlite Crabapple

A round and dense growth habit. White flowers.

Malus 'Red Jewel' - Red Jewel Crabapple

Red fruit and white-grey flowers. Irregular, oval shaped head. 

Picea Abies 'Norway' - Norway Spruce

A popular, fast growing evergreen. Tall and straight triangular appearance.

Picea Abies Pendula - Weeping Norway Spruce

Low growing branches that trail outward. Easily trained with stakes. 

Picea Glauca 'Black Hills' - Black Hills Spruce

Blue-Green needle tint.  Semi-Slower growth than other spruce. 

Picea Glauca 'White' - White Spruce

Moderately fast growing Spruce. More tolerant of poorly drained soil. 

Picea Omorika 'Serbian' - Serbian Spruce

A dark green needle. Narrow, Pendulant branches that curve upwards

Picea Pungens 'Colorado Blue' - Colorado Blue Spruce

Dense and horizontal growing branches. Dominant blueish green color. 

Picea Pungens 'Colorado Green' - Colorado Green Spruce

Younger trees have a blueish tint turning green as they age. Prefers a rich, acidic soil.

Pinus Strobus - Eastern White Pine

The most adaptable Pine variant. Blueish green and thin needles.

Platanus Acerfolia 'Bloodgood' - Bloodgood London Plane

Rapid growth with broad spreading branches. Bark naturally sheds. Urban environment resilience. 

Platanus Acerfolia 'Exclamation' - Exclamation London Plane

Rapid growth rate with dominant leader. Urban environment tolerance. 

Popululus Tremuloides "Quaking' - Quaking Aspen

Native North American tree with smooth white bark. 

Prunus Cerasifera 'Thundercloud' - Thundercloud Plum

A purple leaf that gains reddish tint into the summer season. 

Prunus Incamp - Okame Cherry

Early bloomer with small, pink flowers. Upright growth habit.

Prunus Serrulata - Kwanzan Cherry

Vase Shaped tree with larger pink flowers. 

Prunus Snofozam - Snowfountain Cherry

Hanging branches with white flowers. Smaller growth than other weeping cherries. 

Prunus Virginiana - Canada Red Chokecherry

Beautiful upright growing tree with green leaves that turn purple-red with warmth. Very hardy.


Prunus Yedoensis - Yoshino Cherry

Pinkish-white flowers with an upright growing habit.

Pyrus Calleryana 'Chanticleer' - Chanticleer Pear

Green and dense foliage with white spring flowers. Orange fall color.

Quercus Coccinea - Scarlet Oak

Bright red fall color. Upright growth with broad branches. 

Quercus Macrocarpa - Bur Oak

Well suited for open areas. Large leaves. 

Quercus Palustris - Northern Pin Oak

Fast growing tree with strong leader. Bright red fall color. 

Quercus Rubra - Red Oak

Rapid grower with multiple uses. Pyramidal when young and broadening with age. 

Quercus Shumardii - Shumard Oak

Pyramidal growth habit opening up with maturity. 

Sciadopitys Verticillata - Japanese Umbrella Pine

A slow growing evergreen with long and thick needles. More resistant to deer than Pinus species. 

Syringa Reticulata - Ivory Silk Japanese Lilac

Upright spreading Lilac that has white flowers in spring. 

Thuja Plicata - Green Giant Arborvitae

Deer resistant arborvitae. Great for screens and privacy hedges. Fast growth habit.

Tilia Mongolica 'Harvest Gold' - Harvest Gold Linden

Cross between Littleleaf Linden and Mongolian Linden. Hardy in cold climates.

Tilia Cordata 'Greenspire' - Greenspire Linden

Fast grower with narrow, oval shaped crown.

Tilia Tomentosa 'Sterling' - Sterling Silver Linden

Large green leaves with silver undersurface. Fast grower.

Ulmus Accolade - Accolade Elm

Vase shaped head. Resistant to Dutch Elm disease.

Ulmus Americana 'New Harmony' - New Harmony Elm

More narrow crown with tolerance to urban environment. 

Ulmas Americana 'Prairie Expicition' - Prairie Expidition Elm

Umbrella shaped crown with dark green leaves. 

Ulmas Americana 'Princeton' - Princeton Elm

Vase shaped head. Resistant to Dutch Elm disease.

Zelkova Serrata 'Green Vase' - Green Vase Zelkova

Vase head shape that is taller and more narrow than the Village Green Zelkova. 

Zelkova Serrata 'Musashino' - Musashino Zelkova

A tighter more columnar growth habit. 

Zelkova Serrata 'Village Green' - Village Green Zelkova

Resistant to Dutch Elm Disease. Clean, light green foliage with a vase shaped head. 

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